Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shirely Nagel Of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan Is A Disgusting Excuse For A Human Being


As you can see in the video above, and by the title of this post, Shirely Nagel of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan is a disgusting excuse for a human being. She likes to make 4-year-olds cry because Barack Obama frightens her crazy ass. So on Halloween, she coldly refused candy to the children of Obama supporters.

Yes, I know. WTF? I mean, have whatever political convictions you want to have, but don't make children suffer over your politics!

I encourage all of you bloggers to copy this post and add it to your own blog. You can copy it verbatim if you'd like. Just spread the word on this horrible person. Shirley Nagel, who likes to make small children cry.

BTW, I would never post information about someone that is supposed to be private, but I am told that one can Google her address and phone number. Just saying.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Commercials From My Childhood

So, I'm checking out YouTube, and wound up finding this compilation of 1980s commercials, with a few 70s commercials thrown in. I just had 10 minutes of "OMG I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT" moments, so let me share. Here it is for your viewing pleasure, with my commentary below.

1) Tootsie Roll - this one was actually mid-late 70s, but revived in the late 80s. One of the earliest commercials that I remember, along with some cheesy Ne-Hi Cola commercial.

2) Wendy's, circa 1984 - "Where's The Beef" was one of the catchphrases of the mid 1980s, and was used in all of these out-of-context jokes, only to fall flat. I never thought it was funny.

3) Bonkers - Early 80s - loved me some Bonkers candy.

4) Tootsie Pop - mid-late 1970s. I couldn't get to the center without biting either. I'd try to count every time I saw this commercial. Didn't work. I'd bite.

5) Rainbow Brite Cereal - How the gay in me never responded to Rainbow Brite is a mystery to this day. She was fierce.

6) I don't remember this one at all, even though I watched He-Man religiously. This would have been '82-'83, maybe '84.

7) Karate Kid - This would have been 1984. I don't remember this one, as I was outgrowing action figures around this time.

8) Wendy's - More "Where's The Beef?".

9) McDonalds, a Xmas commercial. I don't remember this one at all.

10) Nintendo - c. 1987. I had Mario Bros (That was the original version, if I'm not mistaken), but not the robot or the zapper thingy.

11) Teddy Grahams cereal - people dressed up as animals doing cheesy covers of oldies. DO NOT WANT. Did not want then, do not want now. NEXT!

12) The little CBS Special Presentation theme! This came before TV movies and cartoon specials like "A Charlie Brown Christmas". This was from the 70s into the early 80s.

13) ABC Promo from 1985-ish - Tuesday night was "Who's The Boss" followed by "Growing Pains". Yes, they were hit shows. Yes, I watched them. I was 13 at the time. Sue me.

14) A&W. They didn't have A&W where I'm from,! I believe this is capitalizing on a brief Tarzan craze around 1981-2, when Bo Derek was starring as Jane in Tarzan, The Ape Man.

15) NBC Thursday night promo from 1985 - The Cosby Show, one of the best episodes, too...followed by an episode of Family Ties, one that I do not remember.

16) Fruit Roll-Ups - these were new in the early 80s, and were a definite fad food for the kids. In the 4th grade, we'd all get them in our lunches and trade flavors. Good times!

17) Some annoying McDonalds commercial that I don't remember.

18) Play-Doh fun factory - the commercial is from 1984, but this was actually around since the late 70's, when I had one.

19) Another Wendy's commercial. I vaguely remember this one. Unremarkable.

20) Simon commercial - all New Waved out, and the theme is a blatant ripoff of the Police's "De Doo Doo Doo Da Da Da Da". I wonder if Sting knew about that.

21) Some pro-reading PSA, which I do not remember. I loved reading. I didn't need cartoons to encourage me.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

And The Winner Of The First Presidential Debate Is...

Barack Obama.

But not by a whole lot, it seems. As you can see by the polls from one week ago, Barack Obama has gone up by a single point in CNN's Poll of Polls. He's gained a point in the RCP average as well, and McCain has lost almost a point. So Sen. Obama has a semi-comfortable six-point lead now.
What is more significant is where he seems to be making those leads. It appears that his biggest gains have been in the states where he's needed them: Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and even North Carolina. North Carolina was not even thought of as a possibility to turn blue, but the race is tied at the moment.

Still, there's a month left before the election. Let's see what happens.

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House Passes Bailout Bill, Markets Don't Care

Well, the House just passed a bailout bill. I noticed that the Dow was up about 300 points before the vote, but is up only 100 points right now.

Go figure. It's not that this bailout bill is going to be a fix-it-all, anyway.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mercury Retrograde And Communication Snafus

Hi! Are you into astrology? If you are, you probably already know what Mercury retrograde means. If not, then I'll explain:

When a planet is retrograde, it means that it is giving the illusion of moving backwards in the sky, and it moves backwards through the Zodiac as a result. This tends to take what the retrograde planet rules over and turn it upside-down.

Mercury rules communications. That means anything from how we talk to each other (and how we come off to others) to why our computers or related software act funky at times. Have you been having that happen? Have you noticed a few more than usual accidents on the road, especially last week (when Mercury went retrograde)?

I've noticed it in the fact that Google had a meltdown last night, and I couldn't post my review on 90210 on Pop Spoof. It's up now, BTW, but not publishing the way I had it laid out (hence pictures in odd places). Take a look. [/plug]

We'll be in this situation until October 15. Until then, try to finish projects already started, and try not to buy any major electronics or cars if you can wait. Trust me on this one. And as we get closer to the 15th, drive carefully.

Oh, yeah, and this bailout bill fiasco? Mercury retrograde = communication breakdown. Happens every time. This may drag on for two more weeks, unfortunately.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pop Spoof Is Fine!

If you're having problems getting into Pop Spoof, don't worry. There's a problem on Google's end, and it should be fixed soon.

*reminds self to post an article about Mercury retrogrades*

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